9 months ago

Farm Bill dies, with help from...the Freedom Caucus. John Faso voted for it. Remember that.

9 months ago

A message from Dave Baylen, candidate for the Taconic Hills School District board.



Dear Taconic Hills Voters,

I believe ... See more

10 months ago
Nobody Is Above the Law—Mueller Firing Rapid Response

Sign up! Be ready.

Donald Trump could be preparing to put himself above the law. We won’t allow it. If Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller, it will create a constitutional crisis. The same goes for other ways ... See more

11 months ago


While our nation's attention was focused on the massacre in the Parkland high school in Florida, our pistol-packing "thoughts and prayers" NRA-loving congressman was ... See more

11 months ago
Annual Meeting & CD19 Candidate Forum

If you're a registered Democrat, sign up for this great opportunity to meet the Democratic candidates running in the June 26 primary. The winner of the primary will run against John Faso in the fall ... See more

We welcome all registered Democrats* to the Hillsdale Democratic Committee Annual Meeting, followed by a Congressional candidate forum and potential meet & greet with Cindy Doran our State Assembly ... See more

11 months ago

Please call Senator Marchione today at (518) 371-2751! She's one of the key targets for us to get Early Voting passed in the budget this year. Please report how your call went here.

1 year ago

An opportunity tomorrow to see Democratic candidates for Congress.

1 year ago
Indivisible Guide

Trump released both his proposed FY19 budget AND his #InfrastructureScam today. Both reflect his bankrupt priorities that will short-change America. His budget, released two months after Republicans ... See more

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